Honda Adds Hybrid Version to Civic Lineup

A photo illustration of the Honda Civic Hybrid sedan.

When Does the 2024 Honda Civic Hybrid Go on Sale?

The Honda Civic is among the most recognizable nameplates in automotive history. Our manufacturing partner has produced millions of Civic models since it was first introduced to Canadian customers some 50 years ago. As the 2024 model year picks up momentum at Campbell River Honda, we are happy to let people know when the Honda Civic Hybrid will go on sale. According to available information, the 2024 Civic Hybrid will begin production this spring, joining the automaker’s growing roster of hybrid and EV options. Let’s take a closer look at what we can expect to see.

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“Our [Honda Canada Manufacturing] associates are extremely proud to be named the lead North America plant for the new, built in Canada, Civic Hybrid sedan,” Yoshiyuki Nakazawa, General Manager and Executive Vice President, HCM, said in a press release. “We are celebrating the historic production of our 6 millionth Civic this month and this new Civic Hybrid, which joins the CR-V Hybrid also built at HCM, will be an integral part of Honda’s global electrification plans as we continue to transition Canadian consumers to an electrified future.”

Performance and Efficiency

The Honda Civic has long been one of the models that set the standard for blending performance and fuel efficiency in its class. Honda is taking its proven hybrid technology and adding it to the naturally efficient gasoline-powered engine. We don’t have exact figures for performance or fuel economy just yet, but we’re confident they will be very strong.

Civic Hybrid Body Styles

Campbell River Honda has long offered the Civic in all of its available forms. The hybrid version will be found in the sedan and hatchback models as well. The initial production schedule has the sedan version coming to market first, and the hatchback model will be close behind. 

If you have questions about the Honda Civic Hybrid, or if you would like to start the pre-ordering process for the latest Honda hybrid, make an appointment with a Campbell River Honda product expert today.