Tips for Improving Your Fuel Efficiency on Vancouver Island


To save money on gasoline, it is important to improve your vehicle’s fuel efficiency. Gas prices are likely to increase worldwide, as there seems to be no relief in sight for fuel costs, but there are various ways to maximize fuel usage even in mild climates like Vancouver Island. Campbell River Honda has gathered some helpful tips for this purpose.

6 Ways To Improve Fuel Efficiency

Less driving = less fuel consumed, but when you need to use your vehicle more these 5 tips will help you use less of that precious fuel during each ride. 

Drive Light

To improve fuel efficiency, consider leaving heavy items like an extra toolbox or large crate of Gatorade at home. Every 45 kg of additional weight in your vehicle can reduce fuel economy by 1%. While this may not seem like a lot, it can make a significant impact on fuel usage. Of course, it is still important to have essential items like a roadside first aid kit and windshield brush with you while driving.

Drive Slow

To save on fuel, try not to accelerate too quickly or drive at high speeds whenever possible. Going faster than 80 km/h can decrease fuel efficiency. While it can be enjoyable to accelerate on quiet roads, doing so frequently can consume more fuel.

Drive Smooth

To improve fuel efficiency, try to drive smoothly and avoid sudden starts, stops, and changes in speed. This type of driving can decrease fuel efficiency by as much as 5%. City driving, which often involves more starting and stopping, can have lower fuel economy than highway driving. By maintaining a consistent and controlled driving style, you can save fuel each time you get behind the wheel.

Drive Inflated

Maintaining the proper tire inflation is important for fuel efficiency. Under-inflated tires can increase fuel consumption by up to 10%. It is also a good idea to switch to summer or all-season tires when appropriate, as these types of tires have smaller treads which can improve efficiency in good weather. Keep in mind that it is also important to have properly inflated tires for the safety and performance of your vehicle.

Drive Smart

Though you may not always be able to do it, using cruise control when possible is a great way to reduce fuel consumption. Using this function as often as possible is not only better for reducing body fatigue but also ensures a more efficient performance from your vehicle.

Drive Healthy 

This one goes without saying, but a reminder every now and then never hurts. Probably the most important tip for improving your fuel efficiency is getting your vehicle regular maintenance. A properly maintained vehicle is the most efficient vehicle. 

So whether it’s having your tires properly inflated, ensuring your wheel alignment is correct, or that all of your vehicle’s fluids are properly topped up, a properly maintained vehicle will provide you with better fuel economy.

Driving safely and keeping your vehicle well tuned are still the best ways to increase your fuel efficiency, but these tips will also help. If you want to learn more about your vehicle’s fuel efficiency or how to optimize your fuel consumption come talk to our experts at Campbell River Honda, serving Vancouver Island’s Honda needs!