How To Prep Your Honda For Spring in British Columbia

While, as far as Canada goes, we tend to see a little less snow on Vancouver Island, that doesn’t mean it isn’t important to prep your vehicle for the changing spring conditions. From simple things you can do yourself, to quick and easy maintenance we’re happy to help with, read on to find out how you can prep your Honda so that you’re ready for spring and summer!

Six Steps To Prep Your Honda For Spring

  • Check your wheels and wheel alignment
  • Check your brakes and brake pads
  • Check your suspension
  • Replace your wiper blades
  • Get an oil change
  • Clean your vehicle

1. Check your wheels and wheel alignment

While winter tires often don’t get the same push in British Columbia as they do in other parts of the country, we’ll never tell you that they’re a bad idea. Whenever the temperature drops below 7 degrees celsius, winter tires will provide greater grip and can handle snow or slush better than their all-season counterparts. Another thing to keep in mind, is that if you’re not seasonally switching your tires, they will wear out sooner. Either way, come visit our service department to have a member of our team check your wheels, and your wheel alignment.

Check your wheel alignment

2. Check your brakes and brake pads

Over time, debris from the road can find its way into your brake system, causing friction or worse. Allow a Campbell River Honda service technician to take a peek at your brake pads, to ensure you’ve got the optimal stopping power come spring.

3. Check your suspension

Similar to your brakes, your suspension can take a beating over the course of even the mildest winter. Plus, by ensuring that important parts of your suspension, such as your steering, steering linkage, and ball joints, are operating properly, you’re ensuring that you’re getting the best performance out of your vehicle.


4. Replace your wiper blades

Considering the amount of rain that we see over the course of the year, it’s always a wise (and inexpensive) idea to replace your wiper blades. If you’re unsure of whether or not they need to be replaced, watch to see if they leave streaks across your windshield. If they do, it’s time to buy a new set of blades.

5. Get an oil change

Having the correct, properly topped up fluids in your vehicle plays a huge role in how well your Honda performs. Not only that, but it can also save you from an expensive repair down the road, as not having the proper level of fluids in your vehicle can result in major engine damage.


6. Clean your vehicle

Keeping a clean vehicle is an important step to retaining as much value as possible, but it also simply looks nicer and smells better. Sure, you’re happy to avoid rust and other damage to your ride, but just think about how great it looks when it’s fresh and clean!

Follow these simple six steps, and your Honda will be ready to tackle the road this spring and summer. To learn more about how to best maintain your vehicle, or other ways to get the most out of your Honda, keep it locked to the Campbell River Honda blog!