What’s New in the 2024 Honda Civic?

The Honda Civic continues to impress drivers in British Columbia and across Canada as a consistent market leader in the sedan and hatchback segments. The 2024 models feature exciting updates that ensure a new and engaging driving experience. Discover the most recent innovations and enhancements that distinguish the 2024 Civic from its predecessors. Visit Campbell River Honda on Vancouver Island to view the available and on-order inventory of this remarkable vehicle.

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Upcoming Hybrid Powertrain

Eco-conscious drivers are in for a welcome addition to the Honda family. A new addition to the Civic lineup, the 2024 Honda Civic Hybrid, is set to arrive later this year, offering even greater efficiency in both sedan and hatchback variants. The Civic Hybrid builds on the Civic’s already eco-friendly reputation, offering a more fuel-efficient option that reduces your carbon footprint while maintaining the Civic’s renowned performance and reliability.

Continuity from Previous Year

The 2024 Honda Civic retains the majority of the upgrades from the most recent 2022 redesign, with the exception of the upcoming Hybrid powertrain model. Honda’s commitment to modern design aesthetics is reflected in the striking exterior appearance, which remains bold and eye-catching. The refined interior is outfitted with the most recent Honda technology and safety features, resulting in an advanced and comfortable driving experience.

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Learn More About the 2024 Honda Civic

For information on the new Civic’s availability in Vancouver Island, talk to the experts at Campbell River Honda for all aspects of the Civic, and the rest of the Honda lineup. Serving Campbell River, Nanaimo, and all the way down through Victoria, Campbell River Honda is your Honda dealership on Vancouver Island. Visit our dealership location today to get started.