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Get Approved for Vehicle Financing in Campbell River

Considering financing or leasing your next Honda vehicle? Then you should see the experts at Campbell River Honda’s Finance Department. Our team of Financial Specialists have helped lots of people just like you find the perfect vehicle at a price they love.

Our dealership offers affordable financing and leasing rates, as we work with all major credit institutions. This allows us to pick and choose the lending institution that provides the best rates, and thus pass the savings onto you. Plus, this arrangement allows us to provide you with multiple financial options so you can choose the one that best meets your budget and requirements. We want to be your destination for Honda vehicle financing in Campbell River.

Financing vs. Leasing

Not sure what the difference is between these financial options? A lease gives drivers a number of advantages, including lower monthly payments compared to the cost of financing a vehicle. But financing has the benefit of eventual vehicle ownership… Which plan works best for your situation? Let’s take a closer look at some of the advantages of each:

Vehicle Financing in Campbell River

  • You build vehicle equity
  • There are no penalties for vehicle wear and tear
  • A lower carrying cost than leasing
  • Vehicle ownership
  • The ability to customize your vehicle

Vehicle Leasing in Campbell River

  • Lower monthly payments and fewer up-front costs
  • You can upgrade to the latest model every few years
  • Lower taxes on a lease
  • You can return your vehicle or lease another
  • If you decide you want to buy your vehicle at lease-end, you can finance it

About ready to get going? You can Apply for Vehicle Financing in Campbell River Credit using our quick credit application. Shortly afterwards, one of our Financial Specialists will contact you. It’s a simple, easy, and completely secure process. Apply today!

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